Programs & Activities

The WAFDC runs programs, activities and events for the Deaf and hard of hearing children and their families in WA. Below are some of our featured activities.

All events, programs and activities are Auslan Interpreted.

Peer Parent Mentoring Program

Our Peer Parent Mentoring program plays a big role in support for you and your child. It puts trained and experienced parents in contact with other parents who are experiencing a similar journey. The Parent Mentors have been on the journey of hearing loss with their own child/children and are available to support other parents of Deaf and hard of hearing infants and children.


Family Camp Out
In 2019 the WAFDC hosted our first family overnight camp out. The camp allowed both parents and younger children to meet each other, form connections and learn from each other. One parent said the camp,

“Provided a great networking opportunity for parents and kids. I learnt a lot from other parent’s experiences.”

Deaf Strengths Camp
Our annual Deaf Strengths camp is a 3-day camp for Deaf and hard of hearing children aged 12-15 years held in the October school holidays. The camp focuses on building confidence, resilience and life and leadership skills that can carry your child into the next transition into high school.

The children have Camp Mentors who have attended camp in previous years to guide and support them while at camp.

It is a fantastic environment to meet new friends, learn new skills and have fun.

In 2020 the camp will have a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) focus to introduce the children to new career pathways and work on skills such as resilience, problem solving and teamwork in potential real-world tasks.

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Knowledge Sharing Forums

D.E.A.F Express is an annual event where speakers Deliver a talk that is Engaging, Assisting and Factual. Every year, many parents, children and service professionals from the Deaf and hard of hearing community come together to listen to their peers.

D.E.A.F Express is designed to connect, inspire and inform around the Deaf and hard of hearing pathways. Each year there is a theme that the talks surround. In 2019, the D.E.A.F Express theme was Leadership & Advocacy. Check out the talks here.

The WAFDC also hosts workshops for Parent Mentors and service professionals to share experiences, advice and ideas on improving the lives of Deaf and hard of hearing children and their families.

Signing For Families

Signing for Families is a 6-week Auslan (Australian Sign Language) program for all members of the family or friends of a Deaf or hard of hearing child. It is held once a week for 2 hours and includes an afternoon tea.

The program covers the basics such as questions, animals, adjectives, phrases, verbs and everyday nouns.

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Family Activities

The WAFDC runs family picnics throughout the year in both Perth metro and regional areas to give families and children an opportunity to meet each other in a relaxed ‘come and go’ environment.

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