Opening Doors

The West Australian Foundation for Deaf Children (Inc) has created this guide for families of children who have a hearing loss. Perhaps you have recently been told that your child has a hearing loss. You may be feeling overwhelmed or confused and are searching for helpful information. It is important to recognise that you are not on your own. Each year, 4 in 1000 children in Western Australia are born with some degree of hearing loss. This is in line with worldwide figures.

It is hoped that this booklet will help you to make informed choices for service needs. Each child is unique and the choices made at the beginning of your journey may change as your child’s needs change. More than one choice may be considered at any given time and applied simultaneously. For example, a speech and sign language program can be considered separately or together. Your professional team will assist you in making timely, informed decisions about how best to support your child’s hearing needs.

Choices made now do not have to be permanent.

This booklet provides information to:

  • help you understand what your child’s hearing loss might mean for you and your family
  • help you make informed choices
  • provide practical tips that may assist you moving forward
  • frequently asked questions
  • real stories from families following similar pathways
  • support services for you and your children

This document is not conclusive but aims to give you a broad unbiased understanding of services in Western Australia.