Our Needs

West Australian Foundation for Deaf Children supports 250 children and their families each year. Our aim, with your help, is to meet demand to support at least 450 families per annum by 2019.

For just  $67  per month to support a child with our Centre for Families service to empower, connect and address their daily challenges.

You can become a transformational supporter of West Australian Foundation for Deaf Children with an annual pledge for the future of the organisation and its work.

What will get us closer to a positive pathway forward for children and young people with hearing loss and their families?


per year will provide the infrastructure support for the organisation to enable collaboration in the sector to achieve more effective and faster family and individual referral pathways and outcomes through community engagement, collective impact and advocacy and increasing awareness


per year will deliver intensive peer mentoring program to support deaf teenagers


per year can provide speech and auditory verbal therapy including play group, provide OT services and audiology services including GP clinic referral


per years provide parent mentoring program and equipment and supports for an Auslan Community School Program


per year will provide a youth resilience and anti-bullying skill development project

It costs  $800  per child/young person p.a. to provide WAFDC Centre for Families services.

Every bit of support helps. Each gift is an astute investment in the best outcomes for children with hearing loss and their families.

Your gift can be the critical contribution that leads to success.