Our Impact


Outcome 1

Adequate resources are allocated to the sustainability of the Centre for Families.

Outcome 2

Deaf Children and their families have access to appropriate, coordinated educational, learning and social support to improve the quality of educational and learning outcomes.

Outcome 3

Appropriate and adequate allied health, community and social services are accessible to Deaf children and their families in a centrally located family focused setting.

Outcome 4

Additional support for Deaf students transitioning between stages of schooling and/or from school into further education, training or employment.

Outcome 5

A Centre of Excellence is established to ensure high quality professional learning for teachers, parents and other stakeholders.

I found the last morning tea very informative it was wonderful listening to other mother’s journeys and realising they were similar to my own. Listening and sharing is valuable for a variety of reasons but the main one being” I’m not alone”, parents of only hearing children don’t understand the difficulties or haveadvice of other avenues to try.

It was interesting listening to myself telling my journey and realising what a long process it has been for my family and the comfortable place we now are in.

The other two ladies with children with uni lateral hearing loss were a gem to find, hearing one lady say her child performed better without the hearing aide on a hearing test gave me the reassurance that l didn’t even know l needed as this is the advice we had been given. To have a total stranger talk and be able to be able to totally understand and empathise and have that reciprocated is very important beyond words.

thank you .

Parent in the Centre for Families Program