Established in 1896, we have played an invaluable role helping deaf children and their families, working tirelessly to ensure they receive the education, support and information they need.

Because we believe deafness shouldn’t inhibit people’s lives.

We are proud of our history in bringing deaf education to Western Australia. From our formation as the only deaf educator for children, to being the lead advocate for deaf education being incorporated into the State system, and into regular schools. And we continue to champion education.

But, we also provide a comprehensive support network. One that is not informed by any personal or political agenda. One that connects children and families with the people and organisations that remove the doubt, worry and alienation they are at risk of experiencing. One that can make a real, tangible difference to their lives.

It’s because of our commitment to all these facets of the deaf sector that we’re here today. Providing deaf children and their families with the knowledge, tools and confidence they need to live happy, fulfilling lives.

The West Australian Foundation for Deaf Children. Life skills, learning and leadership.

Our Vision:

Life skills, learning and leadership for all.

Our Purpose:

To make a difference to the lives of deaf children and their families, from cradle to career.

Our Promise:

To be the change agent and central support hub that gives every deaf child and family the knowledge, networks and confidence they need for a happy childhood along with the life skills and resilience they can carry through to the next stage of their lives.