Pathway to Support

What has happened so far?

Your baby has had two newborn hearing screening tests that were performed in hospital or soon after birth. This test gave an indication of how your baby hears in each ear at the time of the screening. This screening test showed that your baby required further investigation by a Paediatric Audiologist. You have attended a Diagnostic appointment and your child’s diagnosis has now been confirmed.

What happens now?

If the diagnosis has shown a hearing loss, the tests will also show whether it is likely to be temporary or permanent and your baby will now be referred for appropriate support.

If your child is 0 – 6 years old, Hearing Australia will refer you to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The ECEI provider will help you to identify the type and level of early intervention support your child needs to achieve their best outcomes. Early intervention in the early years is critical to achieving the best outcomes for your child.

As a parent, you may experience a range of emotions on being told this news and, at the same time, you may be very busy visiting different services and professionals.

Families or carers may contact the West Australian Foundation for Deaf Children (WAFDC) for independent information or support:
Telephone: (08)6266 6969 or mobile/text 0423 646 741
Email :

Who Your Baby Will See Now?

After your baby has had a second “refer” result from the Newborn Hearing Screening Program your baby is referred for Audiological Diagnostic Assessment.  The following services might be able to assist you if your baby is diagnosed with a hearing loss at this assessment.

Pathway to support