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December 2020

Containers for Change

The WAFDC are a part of the WA Containers for Change scheme. Use the barcode, Scheme ID or QR Code above when you return your containers to any C4C depot and donate 10c per container

February 2021

Effective Communication Skills

Language influences how we are able to share emotions and it may affect a child’s learning ability and other functions, including problem solving, planning, understanding the emotions of others and developing friendships. Rather than hearing

January 2021

Communicating with the school

The classroom teacher will benefit from having information about your child’s hearing, as well as their social and learning needs to support your child’s school experiences. Communicating with your child’s teacher early in each

April 2020

Managing Emotions

Everyone experiences a wide range of emotions every day. It is important for children to learn how to recognise, label and manage their own emotions. This in turn allows children to understand other people’s feelings

January 2020

Belong Resources Release

We are excited to announce the release of the Belong Resources developed by Telethon Kids Institute, Telethon Speech & Hearing and SSEN:S! The resources include 10 modules for parents and 4 for school staff of

September 2019

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